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Admission open for 2024-25. Click here| We are delighted to inform the following. CONGRATULATIONS, | Our students achieved in 8th National Aeroskatoball championship held at Maharashtra Atma malik International school on January 27, 28 and 29 - 2023. Above-17 1. N. MALARAVAN 12th A1 Gold medal 🏅 2. N. Vikash karthick - 11th A2 Gold 🏅 | Under - 14 1. S.M.Pranesh 9th A2 CBSE Gold medal 🏅 2. M. Thilagarajan 9th A1 CBSE Gold medal 🏅 | Under - 10 T. Shri Hari Gold medal 🏅 | Tomorrow 19/1/23 evening after school we will have selection for U-13 school team boys and girls born on are after 1/9/2009 🏏. Then for open Cricket coaching our boys will distribute all the notice tomorrow by 4 pm 🏏 The coaching will be for 3 days Friday - 4pm to 6 pm Saturday - 4pm to 6 pm Sunday - 7am to 9.30 am🏏 | B.Venkateshwara pandi secured silver medal in under 14 category in state level Archery competition conducted at chennai. | Master M.Nithyanandan of class XII and Master M.S.Vasanth of Class XI participated in national level chess tournament conducted at Hyderabad,Telugana. | We congratulated all the Prize winners of the online competition for the academic year 2021-22 | I prize - V. S. Vishwa Navinya | II prize - S. Tharika | Story telling competition ( I STD) | I prize - R. Yoga pranav I- A1 | II prize - M. Mohammed Aatif. I-A2 | III prize - G. Krithick Ganesh I- A1 | Rhymes competition (UKG) | I prize - R. Riya | II prize - V. Pugazhiniyan | III prize - M. Sithika srin | Singing competition (II STD) | I prize - S. Athisa II-A1 | II prize - R. A. Vediga II-A2 | III prize - S. Haksaya Karthick II-A2 | Dance competition (III STD) | I prize - B. Dhanya shree III-A1 | II Prize - G. S. Angelin Nimisha III-A1 | III prize - B. Vikunth Karthikeyan III-A1 | Drawing competition (IV STD) | I prize - V. Kayalvizhi IV-A2 | II prize - N. Sree vaibhav IV-A1 | III prize - V. Vikashini IV-A3 | Paper collage competition (V STD) | I prize - V. Sasmitha sree V-A3 | II prize - R. K. Sam varthani V-A1 | III prize - B. Sivasthika V-A1 | Quiz competition (VI STD) | I prize - A. M. Thejasvitha VI-A1 | II prize - S. Shahana sivane VI-A2 | III prize - B. Sajith shanmuga ragav. VI-A1 | Diary writing competition (VII STD) | I prize - K. Parathi Priyan VII-A3 | II prize -B. Gowshika Sri VII-A1 | III prize - T. Rithanya Sri VII-A2 | Essay writing competition.(VIII STD) | I prize - S. Subha Sri VIII-A3 | II prize - B. Varshini VIII-A1 | III prize - S. Rizwana Fathima VIII -A2 | Poster Making competition (IX STD) | I prize - N. Deva vikashini IX-A2 | II prize -M. A. Sibi IX - A1 | III prize - N. Nayana shri IX-A2 | 3 of our students participated in Poster Making Competition conducted by FSSAI -- (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India). | CONGRATULATIONS, Thirteen of our students participated in 'Aryabhata Ganith Challenge-2020' conducted by CBSE and received certificates. | Sixteen of our students participated in 'CBSE Science Challenge- 2020'. | We congratulate all the participants of "CBSE Science Challenge- 2020" | K.K.Dhanajasri | S.Janasruthi | N.M.Meenachi | M.Nithyasri | K.Parkavi | J.Rithik Antony | C.Anitha | A.Keerthana | S.Nandhini | M.Sreenithi | G.Swetha | T.Aafrin | A.Dharshini | S.G.Mahalakshmi | T.Malaviga | P.Resmi. | Nine of our students participated in 'CBSE Heritage India Quiz 2020-2021'. | We congratulate all the participants of "CBSE Heritage India Quiz 2020-2021" | S.Subha Sri | Navarasi | Kanishka Abiramy | M.Thilagarajan | Karthikeyan | Shahitha Parveen | Subhatra | M.E.Varsha | V.Sujith. | "Road To Tokyo 2020" Olympics Quiz Paticipants - List …

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Innovating new ideas via scientific learning process


We, Sri Krishna CBSE Senior Secondary School, ensure high quality education which motivates and empowers our students to be lifelong learners and the productive members of the society. Our education system is the one that caters the individual needs of our students. We want all our students to achieve their full potential. Our task is to make it possible and our mission is to provide a platform for the same.

Success for all students is ensured at our school by the delivery of an enriching, child centered, balanced and structured curriculum and a whole school focus on student welfare that focuses on the positive recognition of student achievements. Sri Krishna CBSE Senior Secondary School gives much importance to imaginative and play way methods, especially in Kindergarten and Primary level.

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Our vision is the development of children into creative and loyal citizens, imbued with love for God and compassion and concern for others and nature, with spiritual sensitivity and a sense of personal freedom and to equip them to earn a living and contribute to the economic and social progress of the nation and integrity of creation.

We strongly believe that instigating moral values among students by providing a happy caring and thought – provoking environment to make children recognize and achieve their fullest potential, so that they can make their best contribution to society.

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Our Mission

  • To provide a respectful environment for children and to build “Culture of Achievement”.
  • To create a personalized and student-centered approach to learning and focus on continuous improvement and shared accountabilities.
  • To make students academically competent by evolving creative teaching methods that will kindle their curiosity and inspire them to become life- long learners.
  • Providing relevant information at all levels with the use of audio-visual and other sensorial aids.
  • Providing a solid foundation and ensuring that concepts are so well understood by the students that they can be applied intelligently to other situations.


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